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About Us


JudicialStats is the original patent and legal statistics company.  For over a decade, we have provided data-driven strategic insights into litigation, patent applications and other legal processes. Through our standard reports and custom engagements, we bring the power of hard data to the soft science of the law.

Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and even courts of law have benefited from our timely, accurate data and advice.  Skilled attorneys, executives and individuals alike turn to us more and more to craft informed strategies, and take their practice to the highest level.

JudicialStats reports have delivered incredible victories, sometimes quite directly.  Our reports have been ordered and submitted in Federal Court, where they served as the foundation for critical decisions.  Our work is second-to-none, notwithstanding the many legal statistics imitators cropping up in recent years.  While they copy our work from years ago, we keep innovating, and always stay many steps ahead. 

We take our own medicine, and have used our data ourselves to obtain first-in-class patents covering the field of legal statistics products.  Although no guarantee of future results, our allowance rate is 100%.

Our Staff includes seasoned attorneys with state and federal licenses, USPTO registration and certified data scientists and project managers.  We know that our clients need more than raw data, and have the professional acumen to stay nimble, advise our clients and provide case-specific, appropriate context. 

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