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Patent Examiner Reports

JudicialStats provides unmatched insights about patent prosecution, including grant rates, pendency and trend information for examiners, art units, classifications and technological areas.

Each information-rich report features vibrant infographics and analytical summaries, providing a quick view of potential rewards and challenges facing an application in a particular field, or with a particular examiner. Our reports also provide insight into the value of patents obtained from a particular examiner, art unit, or technological field, based on a wide variety of factors, including the challenges it overcame to be issued. Tips for maximizing the odds of a positive result with particular examiners are also included in some reports. JudicialStats uses a patent pending report creation system that seamlessly incorporates our latest data and analysis at the time of order fulfillment. Simply put, no one matches our reports.

Patent Reports start at $199 and revolutionize your understanding of an examiner, with deep insights into patent prosecution, quality and valuation.

More advanced reports, such as Art Unit Reports and In-Depth Reports, provide greater detail and context concerning the potential risks and rewards of applications, including

trends, and allowance rates in classes and subclasses. This strategic information can help tremendously in positioning new applications, as well as in prosecution and valuation.

Historic Reports are also available, covering data for particular time periods in the past. A Historic Report is often the best option for shedding light on patent quality, litigation and Post-Grant Proceedings, where a patent at issue was examined and granted years ago.

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