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About JudicialStats


JudicialStats is an information technology company dedicated to providing data on legal processes and increasing judicial transparency. Put simply, we provide hard data for a soft science: legal risk assessment.

The continued growth of litigation is perhaps the simplest proof that a better source of judicial statistics is necessary. Litigation is expensive and inefficient; generally speaking, it occurs because two parties assess the opportunities and risks very differently, and cannot come to a fair settlement.  Despite an ongoing information revolution, litigation has rapidly increased.  Even sophisticated parties and experienced counsel have had very limited access to hard data regarding those opportunities and risks. With JudicialStats, the hard data is finally here. 

JudicialStats was founded by attorneys and information company executives with decades of experience in litigation assessment and fiscal and statistical analysis at major law firms and information services companies. All of their expertise is brought to bear on the rich infographic reports available for purchase through JudicialStats.

Clients as diverse as Fortune 1000 companies, international corporations and start-up ventures purchase and rely on JudicialStats reports.  Our data have made the difference in make-or-break patent litigation, and have recently been specifically requested by the Southern District of New York to aid in its decisionmaking.